What’s the Best Way to Take CBD Oil and Correct Dosage

CBD Dosage: Understanding the Basics

The first question that always comes up is, “what is the correct dosage of CBD and how many drops are in a 10ml CBD Oil / Tincture bottle? (I prefer oil?)

Well working out the correct dosage of CBD in a bottle can be confusing, especially for beginners starting on CBD Oil. It comes down to some unique variables which include your age, weight, physical health, and diet. Do you have a fast metabolism? This also has an impact on the CBD dosage. 

There is no straight answer, but to give you a better understanding and a head start, the CBD Oil Group have put together some vital information and dosage calculations, for you to have a look at and give yourself an all-round understanding. 

First, always start with a CBD Oil you can trust.

Choosing a CBD brand you can rely on and trust is key. At the CBD Oil Group we not only accurately measure our dosing but more importantly we always show both our CBD% (percentage) and our CBDmgs (milligrams). If you do not know both the % of CBD and the number of milligrams of CBD then you do not know the “true strength” of your CBD content nor the number of CBDmgs in each CBD product. The % of CBD always remains the same in a 10ml bottle as it does in a 30ml bottle, but the CBDmgs has to treble from a 10ml bottle to a 30ml bottle to maintain the same CBD% strength. When, for example, you buy alcohol you don’t look for the milligrams of alcohol do you, you look for the % of alcohol in the bottle to know its strength, quality and value. This shows and proves to our customers that we are supplying you with a genuinely good CBD Oil Product, with no unwanted additives. We firmly believe in producing only high quality CBD products which we have Independently Laboratory tested and Certified, with the results for each product published on our product page for you to see. We only provide pure oil CBD oil. So before leaping in to try or buy CBD, you can and should view all our detailed certificates showing the breakdown and the % of our cannabinoids and you should also feel most welcome to contact us with any questions you might want the answers to.

CBD has proven safe even in higher percentages and milligrams, but we always advise to start slow on a low CBD%. Our 4% CBD oil would be a great starter for you, as it might be all you will need. Take 3-4 drops under your tongue after breakfast, lunch and dinner, or if you prefer 5-6 drops under your tongue, after breakfast and dinner.

If there is a number one rule in the CBD world it would always be go with a brand that provides and publishes Independent Laboratory Certified Tests, on all there CBD products. The potential benefits of CBD Oil and its ability to work with the body and the endocannabinoid system, are endless.

Once you find a balanced CBD dosage that works for you, and you believe it suits your situation and circumstances, after time you can then make a judgement as to whether to increase your dosage of CBD,  if you want to improve your results. CBD has been shown several times to have an excellent safety record. Evidence does not show any health-related problems with taking CBD, indeed just the opposite, but always be careful to choose an honest CBD Oil Organisation you can rely on. 

How to take CBD?

We come across this question all the time, “how do you take CBD Oil?” 

Well the most common way to take CBD is via an Oil / Tincture and this is one of the easiest ways to consume CBD. Simply open your tincture and fill the dropper with CBD Oil and release the CBD Oil droplets under your tongue, please keep the CBD under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. Also, most CBD Oils (tinctures) are inexpensive with many quality CBD Oils for sale around £20 but again please always look at the CBD brand to find out if the products for sale have been independently laboratory tested and Certified, with all their Certifications published on their websites. CBD Oils, placed under the tongue, start working quickly and reach the bloodstream fast.

What do the different CBD%s mean on our CBD Oils and all our other CBD Products?

 Let’s talk about our products and the Percentages & Milligrams of CBD contained in our different strength Oils and other CBD Products

 Take our 4% CBD Oil in a 10ml bottle as an example, it contains 400mg of CBD which means its strength = 4% CBD Oil. A 10ml bottle will dispense around 200 drops of CBD Oil. 

In direct comparison with the 10ml example above, when you see a CBD Oil tincture in a 30ml bottle, which for example only contains 400mg of CBD, this 30ml CBD Oil product only contains 1.3% of CBD, not 4% of CBD, which unfortunately for the poor customer who buys this low strength (1.3% of CBD) product, will eventually find out it is a virtually ineffective product for this unfortunate consumer. We cannot stress how important it is for all CBD companies to always clearly state their CBD% on all their CBD Products, be they CBD Oils, CBD Cosmetics or CBD Sports Products etc. 

It is important to know that everyone’s circumstances are different and therefore the ideal CBD% dosage can be different from one person to another. We would recommend you start with a low dosage in the 2.5% to 4% range with a pure CBD Oil for at least 3 weeks and then make the decision to either stay on the same CBD% dosage or up your CBD% a little until you feel the desire to improvement you are looking for. Your dosage should be 3–4 drops 3 times a day after each meal.

Below is a chart for you to get a better understanding of the milligrams and percentages of CBD:

4% CBD Oil contains    2mg of CBD per drop

10% CBD Oil contains 5mg CBD per drop

20% CBD Oil contains 10mg CBD per drop 

The bottom line on CBD dosage:  

  • Always use a CBD Brand which provides Independent Laboratory Certification Results, for each of their CBD products
  • Do not let a larger CBD Oil Tincture Bottle fool you into thinking you are getting more for you money when in fact you might be getting much less CBD, which is ineffective.
  • Start on a low CBD% for your first intake of CBD Oil.
  • Good Quality CBD Oil is also key
  • Only Buy CBD Oil from a trusted brand
  • “Warning” always compare the Percentage of CBD with the Milligrams of CBD as the bottle size increases. “Remember the CBD% always remains the same”, regardless of the size of the bottle, but the CBDmgs must always increase, as the bottle size (volume of contents) increases, in order to maintain the same CBD% strength. If the Brand does not give you the CBD% in the bottle, then you should choose an honest brand, that does.

Example 1: A 10ml bottle of CBD4% has 400 CBDmgs, but a 30ml bottle of CBD4% must have 1,200 CBDmgs in order to maintain the 4%CBD, in the 3 times larger bottle.

Example 2: A 10ml bottle of CBD10% has 1000 CBDmgs, but a 30ml bottle of CBD10% must have 3000 CBDmgs.

Remember CBD is a wonderful, natural, product derived from a plant and is non-addictive. If you decide you want the benefits that CBD can bring to you, buy wisely.

CBD Oil Group 

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