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CBD has been making the headlines lately, not because of its controversial nature, but because of its recently discovered therapeutic potentials. Extracted from the hemp plant, cannabidiol or CBD is said to be a new wonder drug that helps in treating chronic pain, depression and anxiety, and even cancer. Because of CBD’s health benefits, a lot of companies have started to manufacture different CBD products, but not every CBD product is made equal.

Because of its high demand and popularity, there are substandard CBD products as well that are circulating in the market. These products could have an adverse effect on your health. Therefore, it is important only to buy CBD products that are licensed, and third-party lab tested. CBD oil group is among the most trusted CBD supplier in the UK that produces high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil along with other CBD products. If you are searching for reliable CBD products that are tried and tested, then the CBD Oil Group is the place for you. You can easily buy Full spectrum CBD oil and check out our other CBD products that are on sale near you.

During the conceptual stage of The CBD Oil Group, we thought it vital to visualise the importance that we placed on producing the very best CBD Oils, CBD Soft Gels, CBD Cosmetic Creams, and CBD Sports Aiding and Relieving products on the market. The Purity, Quality, and CBD content has and will always be Independently Laboratory Tested to ensure our CBDmgs and CBD% always match each other and are always accurate. Alas, this is mostly not always the case with most of the other suppliers.


For your Information and Safety, we have adopted a policy of Honesty, Openness, and Clarity. It seems to be common practice with most other CBD suppliers that they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes by only showing their CBD content in MG’s. This is very misleading and confusing to you, the buyer. We believe that the less confusing and honest description of what is in the bottle or softgel or cosmetic creams etc, should show both the %s of CBD and MGs of CBD. Why because if you are buying a 10ml 4% CBD Oil bottle, there should be 400mg of CBD. If however, you decide that it is more covenant for you to use a 30ml or a 50ml bottle of 4% CBD, Then please remember you would need to buy a 1200mg bottle of CBD Oil in a 30ml bottle or 2000mg of CBD Oil in a 50ml bottle to maintain your desired 4% CBD strength of this product. Unfortunately, many well-known supplier organisations are offering 300mg of CBD Oil in a 30ml bottle or a 50ml bottle which means in a 30ml bottle, Because of the increased quantity oil liquid you are now only receiving 1% of CBD Oil, and in a 50ml bottle, you are only receiving 0.6% of CBD Oil.

It is widely recognised that a beginner strength of dosage for CBD Oils and Soft-Gels to be an effective dose they need to be lower than 2.5% CBD, which in a 10ml Bottle is 250mgs in a 30ml bottle is 750mg and in a 50ml bottle 1250mgs. Any CBD Oil or Soft-Gel product below those dosages is likely to be ineffective.

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