Five reasons to switch to CBD oil today

CBD oil has a plethora of benefits both for your physical and psychological well being, but here are five reasons persuasive enough to convince you to switch to it for your everyday use. Get ready, for there is a lot of unpacking to do now.

1. It’s a great pain reliever

Our body produces neurotransmitters that connect with cannabinoid receptors in our nervous system. These endocannabinoids regulate multiple functions in the body like sleep, pain and the immune system.

Solid research results have shown that CBD oil interacts with these endocannabinoids and reduces the inflammation causing pain.

Moreover, a study done on rats proved that oral intake of CBD decreased the nerve pain and inflammation, while injections respond to the pain caused by surgical incision. You can see these products available on websites such as

2. It can treat epilepsy

According to a journal named Molecules, scientists don’t exactly know to what extent and how CBD affects decreasing epilepsy so far. Perhaps the oil regulates a primary receptor, transient receptor potential vanilloid, involved in the causes of epilepsy.

However, there’s a study going on right now on adding CBD oil to antiepileptic medicines to control the disease among children, adults and young people. The first CBD oil-based medicine, called Epidiolex, has been approved by the FDA. Doctors recommend this medicine to the victims of a type of epilepsy known as Lennox-Gastrault or Dravet syndrome.

3. It can help in depression and anxiety episodes

Daily dosage of CBD oil in any form can help you cope with your depression and anxiety episodes better. A number of researches prove how taking CBD oil every day can decrease social anxiety, as people who were given the CBD-based medicine had less difficulty in confronting the public.

Using CBD-based medicines long term also helps one get rid of depression as long as you are using it. However, one should always consult an authorised medical expert before opting for it.

4. Skin diseases

As some experts say, CBD has positive anti-itching, anti-cancer, anti-acne and more skin-related effects. The oil helps prevent sebaceous glands from performing certain functions that contribute to acne.

Aside from acne, it is claimed that topic dermatitis, psoriasis, skin cancer and itchy skin can, in part, be prevented from happening by CBD. However, doctors have not yet started recommending it to their patients, as it is not yet approved by the FDA for this specific cause.

5. It helps keep the heart healthy

CBD not only has the ability to lower hypertension, but also has several benefits for the heart’s health. High blood pressure can cause stroke, cardiac arrest and metabolism disorders.

The research found out that giving 600mg of CBD oil to nine healthy men reduced their resting blood pressure. Researchers claim that anxiety controlling entities in the medicine help lower the BP.

Hopefully by now you have got a glimpse at the major benefits of CBD oil. It is, nonetheless, strongly recommend that you consult your physician before opting for one.

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