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We at The CBD Oil Group harness the natural power of natural products. All our CBD products are Independently Laboratory Tested and Certified, to give you the added confidence that the CBD% content is as shown on our product labels and any impurities have been filtered out, thus assuring you of the utmost purity and effectiveness.

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What is CBD

CBD Oil, or Cannabidiol is a type of Cannabinoid, which are the derived chemicals found in cannabis and hemp plants.

Even though CBD derives from these plants, our CBD is only extracted from Hemp Plants and only contains .02% of THC, which will not promote any kind of high or intoxication.

CBD can offer innumerable benefits for both human and animal physical and mental health, and now is regarded as an important health contributor for growing consumers both in the UK and internationally.

CBD has and continues to be studied for its widely reported role in managing the symptoms of many health concerns, such as anxiety, tension, depression, migraines and chronic pain amongst many others.

CBD Oil Group

CBD Oil at a glance

+ CBD is a chemical derived from the cannabis and hemp plants
+ Is a Cannabinoid like THC – but, unlike THC, it does not create a "high"
+ It is widely reported to assist in a multitude of both mental and physical health conditions
+ CBD Oil is classified as a food supplement
+ It can be taken in many forms, the most popular being via CBD Oils and Softgels

Why choose the CBD Oil Group

The CBD Medical Group is one of the UK and Europe’s leading suppliers of premium Cannabidiol (CBD). We take a transparent, research-fuelled, and community-minded approach to our CBD production, from the Hemp seeds to CBD sales All our CBD extract is organically grown, Vegan, THC and Gluten free. Consistent high quality is further assured by GMP Manufacturing, CO2 extraction, Stringent Independent third-party testing, and publicly displayed certification on our product pages.

Our Product Range

Every CBD product is subjected to an independent Certified Laboratory Test for Purity, Quality and % of CBD Content, ensuring all our different strength CBD Oils, Softgels and Cosmetic Skin Care Creams and other products produce their best results. Explore our CBD range

CBD Explained - Your Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System was discovered about 27 years ago, but is under examined, medically speaking, compared with other systems of the body, such as the central nervous system or circulatory system. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is far superior to all other systems in the human body.

The Endocannabinoid System exists in all animals except insects, it is a transmitter and receptor of messages and signals in the human body, continuously running a series of checks and balances integral to homeostasis - balance of body and mind.

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Amazing Products and the service was unbelievable. My anxiety is so much better now. I am getting more and more confident every day.

Sharon Matthews

I suffered from terrible depression after speaking with the guys and having some advice, I can happily say the Oils have done me a world of good.

Matthew Mannors

Working in a stressful environment all day and not getting much sleep I can say with pure joy that this Brand have helped me so much what amazing products and amazing people

Nick Richards